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VINCI pledges to promote apprenticeships through a partnership with JobIRL

VINCI pledges to promote apprenticeships through a partnership with JobIRL

7. 06. 2021 - 17:45 - Events - Frankreich

· Launch of a platform combining apprenticeship and training opportunities linked to VINCI’s businesses
· 2,000 young people recruited by VINCI every year on apprenticeship or professional training contracts

In partnership with JobIRL, VINCI is launching a unique platform to enable young people to access apprenticeship contracts with the Group as well as associated training courses.

The platform is accessible at www.JobIRL.com/vinci and is open to all young people aged 15 and over who want to embark on an apprenticeship, from initial training to the highest levels of qualification.

Thanks to a bespoke algorithm created to compile training and work-study opportunities, in just a few clicks users can apply directly to VINCI offers in France that correspond with training courses given by over 500 institutions throughout the country. The courses are chosen for the high quality of their content as well as their relevance for the construction, energy and concessions business lines.

By combining theory and professional practice at companies, work-study programmes are the ideal solution for long-term employability for young people. In order to boost the appeal of this exciting, rigorous and future-facing profession, VINCI is recruiting 2,000 young people on apprenticeship and professional training contracts every year.

About Meridiam
JobIRL is a social and educational association governed by the French law of 1901. It aims to connect the 29 million people in employment in France with the 8 million young people seeking career guidance. By combining digital technology with field operations, this intergenerational solidarity project invites people working in all professions to tell their story and show young people – secondary school, sixth form and university students, as well as people in professional integration programmes – what they do. In 2013, JobIRL launched the first career guidance network connecting young people with working professionals. The platform has over 70,000 active members, including 6,200 professionals, and over 1,200 communities for different professions, enabling young people to freely communicate with workers and other students so they can access career guidance as well as internship and work-study opportunities. The association has also rolled out an equal opportunity programme, “Connect with your future”, across France. In 2021, 12,000 young people will benefit. https://www.jobirl.com